I’m reading this report where economist Robert Reich was asked that question.  He said, “Recovery isn’t going to happen, period.  The economy can’t “recover” because it can’t go back to where it was before the crash, Reich said.  So, instead of asking when the recovery will start, we should be asking when and how the new economy will begin, he said.  What will the new economy look like?  Nobody knows”, Reich said.

I love this, people keep talking about recovery…this makes more sense to me.   Why “recover” and go back to where we were, let’s move into a better future.  Do your own envisioning about where this will go.  Think positive!  It is going to be an exciting time that we are about to enter.  Negative thinking will only destroy your potential.   You should be able to see all kinds of things on the horizon, from where we are today.  Make moves now to “POSITION” yourself for the future, because it is changing.