Just to give you an update on our current inventory status:

Residential:   Total of all listings currently is 574 in the MLS.  The highest known peak ever was 663 listings on July 3, 2007.  So as you can see the inventory has not subsided much.  Typically, this time of year the inventory would/should have fallen more.  The  highest inventory number for the year (2009) was 617, recorded on September 30, 2009.  So it appears that  sales have been lackluster and inventory is down.  I think that next year, Sellers and agents will become more realistic about pricing of property.  With that, there should be less of a rush to sell, hence, less listings.  The supply side starts to lessen, demand stays the same-or maybe goes up a little, pricing shores up.  Over time, appreciation returns.  And they live happily ever after.

A further breakdown of the inventory, you may want to record this for future reference.   Residential Listings Only (No Listings with any acreage): 429 listings, 200 are in Douglas County and 145 of those have an Alexandria address.             Residential With Acreage Listings:  145 listings,  of which 71 are in Douglas County and 28 of thouse have an Alexandria address.

LAKEHOMES:  Currently there are 303 lake homes in the MLS.  We had a high number this year of 413 listings on August 26th.  The highest ever recorded was 417 on July 30, 2007.   A breakdown of the current inventory shows 175 of the 303 are in Douglas County and 110 of those have an Alexandria address.

CONDO/TOWNHOME:  Currently we have 105 listings in the MLS.   The condo/townhome section has two categories, lake and residential.  In the Residential section there are 76 listings.  Of the 76, 70 of them are in Douglas County and 61 have an Alexandria address.   The Lake section has 29 listings.  Of the 29, 23 are in Douglas County and these 23 have an Alexandria address.  My data collection on the condo/townhome market is not as detailed as the other sectors.   I will have better data in the future.

COMMERCIAL:  Currently there are 107 listings in the Commercial section.  These are buildings only (once in awhile, you may see a land listing in there, but they have a different section under Lots/Acreage).  Of the 107, 72 are in Douglas County and 60 have an Alexandria address.    My main focus has been to watch the sales in my market.  I have very detailed and accurate accounting of that info.

Source:  Greater Alexandria Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.