No hard data this morning.  Just want to get a report in.  Been hunting a lot, leaving today again for the big piney woods.   We have a cabin north of Itasca State Park.   Got a 5 point buck last weekend.

The market has been very good this quarter.  If you have been reading my blog for the year, I had reported that it was speculated that 4th quarter would be the best one for the year.  This is contradictory to the weather patterns here in Alexandria.  I have brokered 64 closings for the year and have 18 pending sales in escrow.  So overall, we will do fine for 2009.  My spin however has been that the pricing has come down to realistic market pricing.  Not a big drop as in some areas, but a correction nonetheless. 

“It’s a Fine Time to Buy in 2009″…my slogan next year is going to be (I think) “Build Equity Again in 2010”.

Keep having fun…every day is a gift!