Just checking the record this morning…doing my job to keep you up to date on the market.  I know lake lot sales have been very, very slow.  Doing what I do every day, I’m a street guy.  I work the pavement, helping as many people as I can with their real estate needs.  The business of lakeshore lot sales has taken an extreme downturn from it’s most recent highs.

Currently, there are 17 closed lake lot sales in our local MLS system for Douglas County since the first of the year.  I will produce more data on this later as the year ends, just so you have some idea of where the market WAS.  To understand what these sales mean, I will take you back to 1995:

Lakeshore Lot Closed Sales in Douglas County are as follows:

  • 1995                28
  • 1996               37
  • 1997               27
  • 1998               59
  • 1999               70
  • 2000              54
  • 2001              67
  • 2002              66
  • 2003              59
  • 2004              76
  • 2005              56
  • 2006              64
  • 2007              64
  • 2008              28
  • 2009              (17 so far)

If you have ever wanted to buy lakeshore, now could be the best time.  With no significant sales in this arena makes for a tough analysis of value.  I don’t believe that it will get any worse, so therefore, it can only go up from here.  Time will tell.

Source:  Greater Alexandria Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.