We (or should I say Kim) did some research to ascertain how Alexandria and Douglas County stack up against our good neighbors surrounding us. This is a compilation of dollars worth of construction for 2009 in the counties that adjoin Douglas County and the Alexandria area. The population numbers are from the US Census Bureau and are the 2009 estimate. Here’s what we found out by phone interviews with their respective Land and Resource Departments:

~ TODD COUNTY: $19,087,000 in permit value, 23,869 population = $800 value/person

~ GRANT COUNTY: $6,103,100 in permit value, 5,835 population = $1,046 value/person

~ OTTERTAIL CTY: $90,773,600 in permit value, 56,588 population=$1,604 value/person

~ POPE COUNTY: $13,032,700 in permit value, 10,869 population = $1,199 value/person

~ STEVENS COUNTY: $7,892,600 in permit value, 9,629 population = $820 value/person

~ TRAVERSE COUNTY: $3,020,900 in permit value, 3,573 population = $845 value/person

~ DOUGLAS COUNTY: $71,752,884 in permit value, 36,390 populatn=$1,972 value/person

I kind of wondered if the Alexandria area didn’t possibly have the lead on dollars invested per person compared to our neighboring counties. The numbers in 2008 were better yet. Again, we compiled this list from research done by phone with the resepective counties building departments, we feel confident in their accuracy. The respective county numbers included their cities building permits as we were told. The Douglas County numbers include Alexandria city, so to make sure all was equal, we asked for all the building permit values that would have included their municipalities as well. If more information is found, please feel free to relay that to us.

The reason behind this was to continue to show that the surrounding Alexandria area is growing at a disproportiate rate compared to the outlying area. The Alexandria community is fast becoming a regional mecca. So how do you think that the outlying area will look in Minnesota, say 20 to 30 years from now? I would love to hear some comments on this…

Source: US Census Bureau, respective County Building Departments