Inventory levels of housing are running high here in the Alexandria area. Here are the stats as of this morning:

RESIDENTIAL ACTIVE: Total 659 listings, 318 in Douglas County
LAKEHOME ACTIVE: Total 397 listings, 237 in Douglas County

Residential…In comparison to the past…
9.25.05: 482 listings at peak
6.30.06: 657 listings at peak
7.13.07: 663 listings at peak
8.28.08: 658 listings at peak
9.30.09: 617 listings at peak (Douglas County listings peaked at 325 on 7.21.09)

Lakehome Listings…In comparison to the past
10.6.05: 233 listings at peak
7.26.06: 375 listings at peak
7.30.07: 417 listings at peak
8.13.08: 402 listings at peak
8.26.09: 413 listings at peak (Douglas County listings peaked at 251 actives)

It looks like this won’t be the year that inventory levels show some signs of declining. We may never go back to the inventory levels from 2005 and prior. Because of the sheer volume of more people and more land parcels, this may be the norm. Check in with me a couple of years from now, Lord willing, and I will make a comment on the inventory again as to how it compares with 2010. Any comments out there on this stuff?

Source: Greater Alexandria Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service