Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

We’re #1

as one of the top “micropolitans”…good news, thanks to all who made this happen, which quite frankly are the business leaders (not the politicians, sorry) who had the vision and the courage to forge ahead. So thank the folks at 3M, Pfeninger Warehousing, Peaceful Bliss and Douglas Machine. These four projects are the ones that created the status, although you don’t hear from the business folks about it, they are too busy working. Again, thank you to Tom and Jim, Judy, Vern and Paul, and all the shareholders and leadership at 3M, for risking your own money to make Alexandria a better place to live and work.
I am convinced of this area’s potential to leap ahead of all the surrounding communities in terms of growth and quality of life. I believe that the real estates value will increase at a disproportianate rate compared to outlying areas. I also believe that people, given an opportunity to find work and suitable housing, will tend to migrate to this area over and above other areas because of the education facilities, recreational opportunities and the stable environment that the Alexandria area offers.
For this reason, my wife and I have invested untold sums of time and money into this belief; that when hard work and risk are placed into an area that is growing demographically will pay off in “spades” as you move through life.
Alexandria, MN…look back twenty years, then look ahead 20 years and tell me what you see. Where are you going to live? Where are you going to invest in real estate? I believe that the future will be better than the past. How about you? What do you believe?

I have enclosed the two articles from the alexandria, MN Echo Press that talk about the “micropolitan” status.

Source: Alexandria Echo Press Newspaper