As I sit on my perch in the world, I see that the real estate business is moving forward from the abyss of the past. Sales are up in the MLS, I believe that time will tell that the market of 2009 will be the bottom in sales for the Alexandria marketplace. Other markets may have a rough spell yet before they get out of the deep chasms that their markets may have entered. Short of anything cataclysmic, the market of Alexandria has a very forward eye on the future. Our sales have been fantastic, I find sellers more realistic and buyers more optimistic as I deal with people on a daily basis. The world will always have pessimists to proclaim the doom and gloom, I’m just glad that I don’t have to work with them as co-workers on a daily basis. Much too draining in a world that is so full of opportunity right now.
Like one man said today, predicting that gas might hit $4.00. I said, let’s say that does happen. The world won’t stop, but it will change the course of the economy. That event will create all kinds of creative thought and ideas for people to commute without paying the high gas cost. Lifestyles will change, some people will make a lot of money, others will lose a lot of money…it sure won’t pay to cry about it…move on.
Anyway, it’s much more fun getting up in the morning looking forward to the day, then dreading it.
Life is great, Keep Having Fun!