I have yet to see the benefit from the sprinkler ordinance imposed on this community by Alexandria’s City Council. I live on the streets of Alexandria everyday and work with business owners in that routine. Numerous times, I have had owners state that they do not want to expand the size of their facility because of triggering a sprinkler installation…not only on the addition but on the current existing facility. It is just too much money. Every existing building that I touch, is tainted because it probably does not have a sprinkler. It’s value has eroded because a sprinkler wasn’t required when it was built, but now it is…at a very significant cost to someone. That usually means a nick in the price, or shall I say the Alexandria property owner’s equity. Good thing that the taxes are so low, or people would be really mad.

Now when you dissect the insanity of the sprinkler ordinance that currently exists you really begin to become frustrated with Council’s decision making. When a building’s size is expanded, that usually means more people will be working inside that building. That means more jobs to the area. In economic times such as they are…and usually are, why does the City Council stifle job growth? Why can’t the ordinance become a little more business friendly so expansion wouldn’t be sidelined? I have stated to council members previously that this ordinance has done little to protect property and lives…it may have done more to devalue and disrupt.

Alexandria has become a feast for out-of-town sprinkler installers. Business investment dollars being sent out of the community that could be used for business expansion and job growth…thank you very much City Council.

You have no idea how upset this ordinance makes me and most commercial property owners in this town. I think that those people that pushed for it’s passing and voted for it should do a sales job on the commercial property owners in this town and explain to them why they are so benefited from their wisdom and leadership in making this decision. If it is so great of a benefit for all, then I am sure that this meeting will be met with applause and accolades for the leadership that have crammed this ordinance down our throat.