Dougals County Population.2010 Census
Living in Alexandria, MN, people always ask what the population is. My best answer is to look at Douglas County’s population. In 2000, the populaiton was 32,824 people. It has risen 9.7 percent since then. If you look at the population report attached, the State of Minnesota’s population rose 7.8% over the same period. That means that some areas lost people, and areas like Douglas County have risen. I suspect that all of the small farming towns that were created a hundred years ago or more are likely going to become an item of the past. No jobs…no growth. Agriculture built those towns and the jobs required to do that work have gone away…henceforth those towns. The future, as I see it, is Regional Centers and Alexandria will become that. In doing the business of real estate; positive demographics is the key to maintaining one’s property value.