I have had a listing contract with District 206 since February to sell the High School here in Alexandria, MN.

I tried to make the sale to the Alexandria, MN. Tech College. They were the best candidate as an expansion of the Alexandria, MN. Tech College student population would be extraordinarily good for this community. I can only imagine what a great thing that doubling of the student campus could do for us. The timing of that sale was just not going to happen at this moment with all the state cutbacks and of course a pending state shutdown.

I would like to say that Dr. Terry Quist and the School Board representatives that I worked with were outstanding. They represented the taxpayers and the district with the best of intentions and to the best of their abilities in trying to negotiate a sale of the district’s lands known as JHS. Alexandria has great representation with this board and with Dr. Quist.

Last Monday’s school board meeting brought the sale of Jefferson High School to conclusion and I believe further sets the course for the passing of the bond referendum.

I must say that it was an interesting ride for me. One that I will never forget. I was honored to be a part of the process and further honored that I was chosen to assist the school district as their agent.

Now let’s go pass the referendum and build that new High School that Alexandria, MN. so desperately needs!