$53 million in New Construction for 2011 in Alexandria, MN

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Alexandria, MN Technical and Community College Student Housing Project

New Construction for 2011 in Alexandria, MN

Construction in Alexandria, MN hammers out $53 million in 2011. The Alexandria, MN Building Department issued it’s annual report at the Alexandria, MN City Council meeting Monday night.

The $53 million represents a 4% increase over 2010. “However, one apparent trend based upon this history, shows that around $50 million in construction seems to be the sustainable norm for our area.” said Bruce Jasperson, the city’s building official.

The Alexandria, MN Technical and Community College topped the city’s permitted projects for 2011 at $5.12 millon.

Souce: Alexandria, MN Echo Press

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Interest Rates: HISTORICAL AVERAGE. 1810 to 2010

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Interest Rates

I received this from Craig Tiffany, great information. It is an excellent time to take advantage of the real estate market.

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History of Alexandria, MN: PART ONE

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Alexandria, MN. Main Street. Looking South. 1876

Old Log Store. Alexandria, MN. 1876

Alexandria’s early days begin before the U.S. Civil War. Two young brothers, Alexander and William Kinkead, came from Delaware westward following their dreams of settling land in the Minnesota Territory. Their travels brought them along the Red River Trail at the time when Minnesota moved from territory to statehood in 1858. The younger brother William, was commissioned to help survey and establish a government road from St. Cloud to Fort Abercrombie in the west. The road would travel north of the Red River Trail. This provided an excellent opportunity to seek out land, and the Kinkead brothers were eager to pursue their dreams as well.

In the summer of 1858, the brothers left their cabin near what is now Glenwood and traveled north. They chose a large tract of land on the south shore of Lake Agnes to homestead. The state road would pass this way. The brothers formed a town site company with five men from eastern Minnesota, who were attracted to the beauty and future prospects of this area.

By autumn 1859, Alexander established a U.S. Post Office in his log cabin and served as Postmaster. It was then that the town site was named after its postmaster, Alexander Kinkead, and given the name it bears today – Alexandria, MN.

In 1859 the state road was cut through the timber by U.S. Government troops, creating a crude but direct passage from the river port of St.Cloud to Fort Abercrombie, near what is now the town of Breckenridge on the North Dakota border. That route, which is still heavily traveled today, became State Highway 52 and later, Highway 27. That route opened new doors for future settlement.

At first, The J.C. Burbank Stage line only went as far as St. Cloud, and then Sauk Centre, but later, after the road was completed, it traveled a regular route with Alexandria, MN as one of it’s stops. On its’ heels came a steady migration of settlers to what would become Douglas County, with the majority settling in or near the Alexandria, MN town site.

An older brother, George, joined William and Alexander in the fall of 1859. His young, second wife, Clara, came with histwo school-age children and a new baby in the following spring of 1860. Clara who was only 24 at the time, looked on the trip as a great adventure. She had no idea of the difficulties that lay ahead of her. She used many different forms of transportation in order to arrive at her destination, including train, steamship, stage coach, and finally prairie schooner, since the stage coach didn’t run as far as Alexandria, MN at the time. Fortunately, for historians, Clara kept a diary of her trip and her life on the Minnesota frontier. That diary provides a first-hand account of pioneer living conditions.

Clara had lived on the East Coast all of her young life, so when she finally arrived in Alexandria, MN she was shocked at the primitive living conditions. The Kinkead brothers were living in some of the first houses built on the town site, crude log cabins with fireplaces that served as both a cooking fire and a source of heat for their cabins. In her diary, she describes the furnishing that she found when she entered the cabin that was to be her new home, only a crude table and some stools. Nevertheless, she expressed happiness to finally have arrived, although her days of living in Alexandria, MN were proved to be short. Clara’s diary is in the Douglas County Historical Society’s archives.

By the time the Civil War started in 1861, the town was growing steadily. The absence of a railroad and telegraph communication distanced the settlers from the conflict to the South. The war, however, did have some effect on the area as some local men, including the younger Kinkead brothers, enlisted in the Army. News of other struggles closer to home had an impact that would change the future of the new settlement. In August of 1862, the stage brought word that settlers had been killed by an Indian raid in the Dakota Territories and that the Indians had also declared war on the whites in Minnesota.

Reaction was quick, and virtually all of the new settlement fled by foot, horseback or ox cart to the more populous communities of Sauk Centre and St. Cloud. Fearing for their lives, they left behind their homes and belongings. Most, including George Kinkead, Clara, and their young family never returned. Not long after the Kinkeads had moved into a new home on the praire near St. Cloud, George was killed in an accident. George’s sister, Mary came to Minnesota to help Clara move her young family back East. Years later, looking back on her pioneer experiences, Clara wrote that she had no regrets about her life in Minnesota which she loved, but that she was thankful to be back near her childhood home in Delaware.

In November 1862, the U.S. Army erected a stockade near the sight of the Kinkead cabin overlooking Lake Agnes. Alexandria, MN was now a government post. The Fort was the center of commercial and social activity until the troops left in the spring of 1866, and it fell into disuse. The first chapter of Alexandria, MN’s early settlement ended and wouldn’t begin again until after the end of the 1860’s.

Source: Alexandria MN Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

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Landmarks we’ll remember in Alexandria, MN: PART SEVEN

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Alexandria, MN’s second post office, circa 1876

Alexandria, MN’s third post office, circa 1930.

The U.S. Post Office that we’ll remember as a landmark, was orginally located on the corner of 7th Avenue and Broadway, was built in 1909 and opened in 1910. When it was first built, an article in the paper said that stylistically, it was a fine example of the Renaissance Revival Period.

The structure, which is 47 feet by 70 feet, was constructed for $40,538. It served as the U.S. Post Office from 1910 until 1977, when it was declared surplus bythe General Services Administration (GSA).

The exterior, according to a news article, “features a Roman Doric entrance portico, arched and trabeated window surrounds, inset stone panels above the windows, a modillioned cornice and decorative parapet.”

A new post office was built and opened in 1976 at 6th and Elm Street. In 1977, the old structure was acquired by the GSA and adapted for use as offices for Crown Realty. It was purchased in “as is” condition by Rich Mische.

The flagpole that still stands in fron of the builiding was bequeathed in 1899.

The building became known as the Crown Building and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places April 4, 1978.

The first post office however was established in 1859, in the log cabin of Alexander Kinkead and he served as the Postmaster. It was then that the town site was named after it’s postmaster and given the name it bears today – Alexandria.

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Ice Fishing Challenge Today in Alexandria, MN.

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Some hearty souls are going to the ice today in -5 degrees weather…good luck to all and congratulations to the winner of $20,000.

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Commercial Sales are UP in Alexandria, MN for 2011!

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I track monthly/quarterly all of the commercial sales activity in Alexandria, MN. I have logged 26 commercial closed sales in Alexandria, MN city limits for 2011.
Here is the way it compares:

For 2010, I have logged 11 closed sales.

For 2009, I have 9 closed sales.

For 2008…15 closed commercial sales.
These are land w/buildings closed sales.

Just COMMERCIAL LAND SALES…here are those numbers:

For 2011, in city limits of Alexandria, MN; there were 6 Closed Commercial LAND sales.

For 2010, there were 5 closed comercial land sales.

For 2009, there were 4 closed commercial land sales.

For 2008, there were 18 closed commercial land sales.

Source: Randy Fischer Real Estate

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Housing Chartbook: January 2012

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Housing Chartbook.January2012

Man, I love this stuff…watching a market…I must admit that in almost 29 years of selling real estate did I ever get so close to the data that it consumes oneself.

Working and observing a real estate market has obviously grabbed my soul for a long time. This job is definitely the most difficult thing I have ever done…even more so than my 4 years in the Marine Corps. You see, the military tells you when to go to bed, when to get up, when to eat…there is always a mission. In the real estate business, there is always the exact opposite…aka-lack of a mission.

My relentless personality has been my strong suit…enough of that…

you may want to print this article, I basically read these numbers to say that we are going to leave the bottom of the market pretty soon. Read the data, draw your own conclusions.

Source: Wells Fargo Securities

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The Douglas County and Alexandria, MN Clinic Explore Merger

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Douglas County Hospital.Alexandria, MN Clinic merger

The twists and turns of the medical world will never cease. What an evolving business…let’s see where this goes.

Source: Alexandria, MN Echo Press

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Construction Spending is up

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Construction Spending Increases in 2011

It appears that the overall slide in construction spending has stopped, for now. I am going to suspect that you will see modest increases as time goes. The cataclysmic rise (and eventual fall) will probably elude us for the next decade for a lot of reasons. But this is a good, steady market…one that is normal for real estate. I have seen this market most prevalently in my 29 year career.

Don’t Wait to Buy Real Estate, Buy Real Estate and Wait!

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Alexandria MN Area Economic Development Commission. Annual Report

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Alexandria MN AEDC Annual Report. PART ONE

Alexandria MN AEDC Annual Report. PART TWO

Alexandria MN AEDC Annual Report. PART THREE

Thanks again to the Alexandria MN Area Economic Development Commission. Another great year!

Source: Alexandria MN Area Economic Development Commission

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