New Home Sales Nationally

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New Home Sales.April 24, 2012

When you look at the data, you can see that there is going to be a change at some point in home construction. Inventory is at unprecedented lows…the sales try to get going…give it some more time.

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Nationwide: Inventory Down, Sales Up from a Year Ago

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National Assn.Realtors & Wells Fargo March Report

Sales of existing homes may have slid in March, but are still up 5.2% from a year ago. Nationally, the inventory is down…some of that may be weather related.

I get a kick out of writers though…actually the news for March is good…one month drop and the headlines are negative…sheesh!

Source: Wells Fargo and National Association of Realtors

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Consumer Confidence at 69.2 in April

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Consumer Confidence is at 69.2 for April, down from 69.5 in March. Still good numbers from the early recession days of the 20’s and 30’s numbers.

Here is my chart that I started keeping from the days of the recession. Thought you might find it useful.

Consumer Confidence Index Chart

On another note, the Index was over 140 prior to 9-11.

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Good Sales vs. Foreclosed Sales: Alexandria, MN, Q1.2012

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D.Cty.Assr.Sales Report.Q!.2012

I received this from the Douglas County Assessor’s office. The interesting side is the number of foreclosures and their percentage of sales. It appears that Q1 of 2012 had about 27% of the sales activity in foreclosures. This number has been holding fairly steady with the MLS statistics that I have reported earlier.

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Housing Starts in Alexandria, MN

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I got these numbers from the city…

Housing starts/quarter within the city limits

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
2005: 7 26 30 5 68
2006: 10 21 14 9 54
2007: 3 15 10 13 41
2008: 3 9 4 2 18
2009: 1 4 4 5 14
2010: 5 8 2 3 18
2011: 3 7 9 8 27

Source: Alexandria, MN City

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Athletic Fields Big Part in Alexandria, MN School District 206 Plan

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ISD 206 New School Athletic Fields

This is an article from the Alexandria, MN Echo Press showing the drawings for the footprint of how the land will be used at the location of the new high school.

Pretty cool

Source: Alexandria, MN Echo Press

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CURRENT INVENTORY. Alexandria, MN: Market Date-4.24.12

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Current inventory as of this morning in the MLS is running at about the normal all-time highs.

I keep daily track of the inventory, I believe that I am the only agent reporting the inventory levels that are tracked on a daily basis. When discussing “the market”, a key component to understand are the inventory levels.

Here are the numbers as they stack up:

4.24.12: 197 Listings
4.25.11: 206 Listings
4.23.10: 203 Listings
4.23.09: 170 Listings

My records show that the highest daily number of lakehome listings occurred on August 8, 2011 when there were 275 lakehomes listed in the mls in Douglas County. The year 2011, eclipsed other years for the highest daily inventory record.

I find that 2012 isn’t too far behind.


4.24.12: 274 Listings
4.25.11: 280 Listings
4.23.10: 314 Listings
4.23.09: 268 Listings


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Housing Starts Fall Below Estimates in March

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A disappointing pullback in March, falling 5.8 percent. Much of the decline was in the volatile multi-family component, which dropped 16.9 percent…

Housing starts are expected to rise 16 percent this year, with single family starts rising 11 percent and multi-family starts rising 29 percent.

Overall, starts should rise an additional 15 percent in 2013. Even with these gains, however, homebuilding remains well off its long-run trend and as noted on many occasions, any recovery in the housing market will be gradual.

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, NAHB and Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

Housing Starts Fall in March

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Bareland & Residential Lot Sales for Alexandria, MN: Q1. 2012

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In the MLS for sales in Douglas County, MN for the first quarter of 2012, there were 4 closed sales posted upon my inspection this morning of the data. Nothing earth shattering…here’s how Q1 2012 compares with other Q1’s:

BARELAND/RESIDENTIAL LOT SALES CLOSED IN Douglas County, MN as posted in Alexandria, MN MLS for Q1.2012.

2012: 4 Closed Sales
2011: 6″
2010: 14″
2009: 5″
2008: 11″
2007: 19″
2006: 23″
2005: 26″
2004: 19″
2003: 25″
2002: 20″

Source: Greater Alexandria, MN Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service

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Lakelot Sales for Alexandria, MN: Q1. 2012

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In looking at the Alexandria, MN MLS sales for Douglas County, MN in closed first quarter activity for waterfront land sales, there were 5 sales for 2012. Four of those were under $56,500. One was over $100,000 with a price of $108,000. Some of those lots near this one were priced near the $200,000 mark back in the heyday. This particular lot was listed for approx. $170,000 back around 2007/2008.

In trying to find data, the conversion over to state-wide data sharing has created some question about the older data…therefore, I am only going to go back a couple of years in trying to assimilate some market analogy.

Closed Lake Lot sales in Douglas County, MN for Quarter One in the Alexandria, MN MLS:
2012: 5 Closed Sales
2011: 0″
2010: 4″
2009: 1″
2008: 1″
2007: 3″

Source: Greater Alexandria, MN Area Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service

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