I was watching Warren Buffet this morning on CNBC and writing down his comments. I thought that I would share the with you…

~ US financial structure makes it easier to solve our problems

~ Election will be overwhelming tied to the economy

~ It’s going to be very difficult for Europe to solve its problems

~ European elections highlight the problem of getting 17 countries to agree

~ We’ll have an economic jolt when housing construction returns.

~ Moving into cash isn’t a “risk-off” trade in my view

~ US economy has come back significantly, except for housing.

~ The proper way to buy stocks is consistently over time.

~ I don’t see Facebook as part of a bubble scenario

~ I personally find it hard to value a company like Facebook.

~ We are adding to positions we already own.

~ A productive asset will outperform a non-productive asset, like Gold, over time.

His economic insight is always enlightening; thank you Mr. Buffet for the morning thoughts.