I started my own real estate company again-Randy Fischer Real Estate, on January 1, 2008 right before the beginning of the Great Recession. Never before had I seen a housing downturn like this one. Interest rates are under 4%, inventory levels are at record highs and sales are sub-par.

I started Counselor Realty on January 1, 1984 with my partners then, right during the other Great Recession. Home mortgage rates were near 13% then, inventory levels were high and sales were sub-par.

Why I seem compelled to start these real estate companies during these times is explainable, but not for the faint of heart. The work load and the commitment are a task that I can do. I actually welcome the long and stressful hours; the commitment…people call me, they need help and they ask me if I can help. I promise to do the best that I can do for them, irregardless of any market conditions. That’s what this is.

My hope is that my efforts have somehow guided those I have served into a better place financially and habitually.

This recession has literally punished the middle class from my view. They lost so much and continually work very hard. The middle class are the true backbone of this country. They pay the taxes, they raise families, they volunteer, they take care of their homes and they have strong moral and religious values. I hope their class survives…or this country will be a different place without them.

Randy Fischer Real Estate has been one heck of a journey…