Homestead Tax Law Changes.2011

In trying to get my arms around the Homestead Law changes, I came across this tidbit in the property tax bill. Most of you had gotten it, and most of you had felt the effects of the State not sending out the money…that’s okay.

For years, we outstate folks had spent money on stuff that we did not collect the money for. The money got sent to us from the State, which collects more money from the metro folks than it did the outstate folks. So in a way, we here in outstate were kind of like the country of Greece; spending money we didn’t have.

Doing away with the revenue stream out of St. Paul to us here makes us more accountable for all that we do in regards to our budget. We the people in America should not be expecting other taxpayers to pay our bills. Now if we could only get the 40% of America that pays no taxes to get on board and pay a share instead of sucking the blood out of the hardworking taxpayers, life would be good.